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The 'Tafelwip'12. Nov2011

TAGS: table, interactive
Designed by Marleen Jansen

The 'Tafelwip' is an interactive object which will change your dinning stereotypes and challenge your relationships.

It takes two to take the dinner when you have the 'Tafelwip' in your house. Once you sit on the table face to face you cannot leave. If one leaves, the other is in the impossibility to finish the dinner. Thus, the relationship can grow, discussions and playful time become part of your life with each and every meeting at the table.

"A project, developed after my dissertation entitled ’Ongedwongen moeten’ (Being forced voluntarily) on the subject of table manners.  How to steer the user of my product? How to prevent people from walking away from the table whilst having dinner? Well, to solve this problem, I created this table with see-saw seating. If one leaves the table, the other diner ends up on the floor! Definitely not a charming thing to do!" - Marleen Jansen

The product was exhibited within the Dutch Design Week 2011.

Photo by Wim de Leeuw
via Abitare

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