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C.W. Ceram

The Blue Whale12. May2012

TAGS: wood, children, playground
Designed by MONSTRUM

Monstrum playground objects are created in a way to stimulate children's imagination while they learn and play in the same time. Those incredible creations make any playground the most searched place in the city for parents and their children. You will want to have one of these objects in your city, for sure I want one of this in Bucharest.

"Göteborg municipality invited MONSTRUM to participate in developing an area of the new playground in the Plikta park, Göteborg. MONSTRUM designed in collaboration with the municipality and Tyréns, a blue whale and 6 sharks. The theme was inspired by the History Museum in Gothenburg, which has a popular collection of blue whales. Tyréns is one of the leading consulting firms in Sweden dealing with communication, planning and architecture. Plikta playground included a larger park renewal and involved several playground suppliers." - from press kit