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The Cat Cardboard house13. Oct2013

TAGS: cat, cardboard
Designed by Krabhuis

'Krabhuis' means 'scratchhouse' in dutch. A scratchhouse is a cardboard house for your feline.

Krabhuis combines the feline fascination for cardboard boxes with the need for something to sharpen their nails on while solving the complete lack of beautiful furniture for cats out there.

Krabhuis was designed like a child would draw a house, complete with window and chimney. The measurements are 38 x 34 x 52 centimeter. Your cat may enter through one of the sides that’s left open, may sharpen it’s nails on the roof and through the window your cat may look outside.

Krabhuis consists of 48 layers of duofold cardboard consisting of 90% recycled material. It is manufactured in The Netherlands, designed in Rotterdam, produced in Maasdijk and assembled in Gilze, one of the workplaces of Amarant, a foundation that takes care of people with a mental disability.

Your Krabhuis will be shipped fully assembled. All you have to do is unpack, place it on the floor and let your cat move in!


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