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The Woodware14. Oct2011

TAGS: wood, chair, bench
Designed by Max Lamb

Called Woodware, Max Lamb’s new collection comprises a series of apparently utilitarian furniture made entirely out of standard dowels in a variety of hard woods including ash, maple, beech, cherry and oak.
The collection includes a lounge chair, dining chair, daybed, coffee table and console, all made by Lamb in his Tottenham studio, but such is the simplicity and clarity of their design that it could also be recreated by other artisans should he wish to expand production.

Although the lounge chair can be used without any form of upholstery, cushioning and warmth can be provided by simply draping a blanket, sheepskin or even pillows, for example, over the dowel frame, offering unlimited fabric options and flexibility without the need for conventional upholstered cushions or a seat-pad. The lounge chair and day-bed are presented with blankets hand-woven by Travis Meinolf.

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