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Underground city04. Aug2011

TAGS: city, stencil
Designed by EVOL

Underground city is a work of the Berlin artist, EVOL in rural Hamburg, Germany created as a project for Ms. Dockville arts and music festival. The project took eight days to be completed and it will be on display till the end of the festival on August 14th. This is EVOL’s first creation in a rural setting.

“As I came [to the site] first, that’s what I found: endless meadow, trees and blue sky. Not exactly what I play with usually. So I decided to cut open the idyll, and pretend there is no endless meadow, but only rooftop-gardens of the disgust underneath.” - EVOL

These miniature walls of city flats create a passageway that is outlined in stenciled images of walls and windows similar to that of which you would see if you would be tall enough to walk amongst skyline buildings. The passageway is created by excavating a cross shaped trenches which was lined with stencil walling when finished. 

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