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Ustore by Taller 1319. Apr2011

TAGS: Store, facade, urban

The U.S. store is a fashion and urban objects store. The facade is an abstraction of the layout of the city, respecting their apples. The project was commissioned by the store concept, whose style fits perfectly with the avant garde image that resulted in the work. The green areas were transformed into vertical boxes, joining the black metal facade. Geometric interruptions in this organizational structure and metal are the windows that break the rhythm of the facade with glass panels of exposure.The interior furnishings are reconfigured to accommodate different uses. The project developed into a total area of 1100 m2, including a cultural forum, a shop, and a stage, following urban issues in a sustainable way, demonstrate an awareness with the environment and the state of the landscape. For these reasons it used natural, non toxic materials, energy efficient lighting and natural ventilation to decorate the interior (translated from Platforma Arquitectura / Photos by Rafael Gamo)

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