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Vienna Design Week 2011 - 'M3' chair06. Jan2012

TAGS: chair, wood, vienna, wien
Designed by Thomas Feichtner

During Vienna Design Week, the one-of-a-kind piece of M3 chair has been showed at NEUE WIENER WERKSTATTE in contrast with the serially produced FX10 Lounge Chair, an earlier design which already became an Austrian design classic.

Freed from the requirements of a series product, M3 design doesn not only experiments with static and function, but also relies on the craftmanship of the traditional company NEUE WIENER WERKSTATTE & KAPO.

The measurements of the M3 chair are equal to one cubic meter, hence the name of the chair which represents a type of conscious appropriation of its own space.

M3 chair confirms that "Feichtner's work shows that design can free itself of the doctrine of the purely objective and is not automatically obligated to be of universal service which is one possible way in which to transcend the boundary between art and design." - from 'Thomas Feichtner: Hands-On Design' flyer. 

Photos by Patrick Moraras.

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