QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Our perception is visceral. Reason plays a secondary role."
Peter Zumthor

Vienna Design Week 2011 - FLAXX chair13. Jan2012

FLAXX is a chair made from 3D shaped flax material sustained by a steel tubing structure coated with floor glide.
It's an elegant chair which combines the stability of a four-legged chair with the comfort of a cantilever chair. Also the chair can be stackable and above all, it's 100% recyclable.

The seat shell comes in different colours (black, sand, natural, white, green,etc) and with additional coatings - such as a textile surface. Thanks to the material’s weather-resistance, the FLAXX chair is suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas. Also FLAXX chair can be configured individually with armrests or your company logo embossed directly onto the FLAXX seat shell.

FLAXX chair was presented this year at Vienna Design Week in one of the superb balconies from the top lobby of the 'stilwerk' building. 

Photos by Patrick Moraras.