QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Accessible design is good design."
Steve Ballmer

Vienna Design Week 2011 - Polish Design11. Jan2012

"An ordinary object - most often common, not worth much attention or maybe simply unnoticed; In the eye of a designer an ordinary object gains a new meaning.

The beginning of the story is simple. I invited 10 designers to take part in this project. They were given the conditions the object had to meet and the financing from The Adam Mickiewicz Institute to produce the prototypes. They also received the theme and the size of the package (75cm x 75cm x 75cm) into which the prototype had to to fit. This particular requirement was introduced for practical reasons - 10 objects packed in unified boxes make a collection easy to transport and display. The catchphrase "Ordinary object" was to be dealt with the participants on their own.

An ordinary object. What does it mean? Every designer tries to create a surprising object, one of a kind, defying definitions - "Extraordinary". Can an ordinary object be all those things? The aim of designers among others is to address the needs of the society.[...]

The exhibition is an invitation to reflection and discussion about ordinary and out of ordinary objects and attempts to find a definition of "ordinariness" in design." - Agnieszka Jacobson-Cieleka, exhibition curator

Photos by Patrick Moraras.

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