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Charles J. Givens

Vienna Design Week 2011 - Recycling Prize12. Jan2012

For the first time the high-profile Recycling Design Prize will be presented in the Vienna 'stilwerk'. The design award honors products by talented young designers that are created and produced from recycled materials. The assignment for the new designers was to discover hidden qualities in discarded items and then to turn them into something useful.

The show was already being seen in 'stilwerk' buildings in Berlin and Dusseldorf between July and September 2011 and in October was showed within the framework of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK. During October, the award-winning products were displayed on all four floors of the Vienna 'stilwerk'. The shops located in the 'stilwerk' building joined in the celebration and offered light refreshments.

The Recycling Design Prize was already presented for the fourth time in October 2011 at the design museum MARTa, located in Herford, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Below you can see a random selection of the works displayed within the 'stilwerk' lobby.

Photos by Patrick Moraras.

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