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Vienna Design Week 2011 - Reflections05. Jan2012

TAGS: stool, chair, vienna, wien, poland
Designed by Oskar Zieta

"With their show 'Reflections' on the premises of Sotheby's, the Polish-Swiss team of Oskar Zieta Prozessdesign will be starting a first time attempt to make sheet metal transparent.

Zieta's objects, their inflated metal furniture, were shown encased in boxes lined with patterns. Through small peepholes, the viewers could see a section of a picture reflected on the polished surface of the metal composed of a distorted image of both the space and the pattern.

This transgression of the boundaries - the melding of pattern, surface, and reflection - will also leave the viewer with an impression of warmth  or coolness depending on the type of metal - whether stainless steel or brass, for example. Deliberate optical disorientation!" - words taken from the Festival Guide.

Photos by Patrick Moraras.

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