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Paola Antonelli

Vienna Design Week 2011 - Walk of Fame-part 116. Jan2012

The [Austrian] National Design Prize 2011 (formerly known as Adolf Loos prize) were displayed this year during the Vienna Design Festival at the DesignforumWien.

The Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour (BMWA) has named 28 September 2011, the winners of the 39th State Prize for Design in the categories of consumer goods, capital goods and Spatial Design. In addition to government price support program, a new award was handed out- the Austrian Economic Service GmbH special "design concepts" award for innovative, not yet implemented design concepts. The exhibition WALK OF FAME in the design forum Vienna shows all award winners and nominees and other selected items up to 30 October 2011.

In the category of consumer product design, the state award went to the studio Thomas Feichtner for the storage system "EGO".
The water softener "Rondomat Duo S", designed by the formquadrat GmbH, convinced the jury in the category product design capital goods.
In the category of spatial design, the designers look forward Isa Stone and Prince Christopher of the State Award for the design of "Hotel on Cathedral Square" in Linz.
The winner of special prize endowed with 5,000 € "design concepts" Philipp Stefan's mouth: he developed the "Sound Guardian" road linking security with noise.
The prize of 3,000 € recognition awards at a special price DesignConcepts went to Lukas Jungmann for his design of a floating sauna, to Claudia Bear for" WISB ", a sports bike for people with mobility problems and to Mary Gartner, Dimitar Gnov, Stefan silver box and Nico Strobl for their joint project "Mobilysis", a mobile dialysis system.

Photos by Patrick Moraras.

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