QUOTE OF THE DAY: "The urge for good design is the same as the urge to go on living."
Harry Bertoia

Vienna Design Week 2011 - Zach & Hanserl04. Jan2012


This was Zachl & Hanserl motto for their workshop presentation during this year Vienna Design Week.

"Core for the development of the regionally inspired works by Zachl & Hanserl from Austria, is their method of prototype construction. Also important for them is to carry out an extensive portion of the fabrication themselves, which means that they can play a larger role in realising the nuances.

The design suo's student studio has therefore been chosen as the site of the exhibition: the workshop situation will allow direct inspection of their way of working.

The Upper Austrian tradition of craftmanship is linked here with the power of modern design. This combination produces furniture and utensils that are simple and timeless, but which are still influenced by proven historical elements." - description taken from the festival programme.

When I visited them, Clemens had a broken leg but it was there at the workshop ready and willing to give details about his aluminium bowls 'Parabol & Parabola' while Sebastian Zachl explained with a smile on his face about his works that litterally were spread and filled the whole workshop. And he really has a motif for this: all works were made by his hands - well, with a little necessary industrial intrusion.

Take a look at these promising prototypes.

Photos by Patrick Moraras.
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