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Vista house05. Dec2011

Apollo Architects & Associates completed their latest house only two monts ago, in October 2011.
Located in one of the Tokyo districts, Vista house is a private house for a family of three, an adult couple in their 30's and their child. The house is erected on a timber structure on a 85sm lot. It is a house with three floors and a ground surface of only 54sm.

"The owners- husband works at an advertising company and loves motor-bikes and wife works at a food related company purchased a plot on a small hill. This project started with their wish to live with their newborn child.

The entrance hall arranges a garage to embrace and repair the masters cherished Ducati. Looking up from the below, the exterior looks just like a white volume floating above the hill representing a symbolic and monumental impression." - Apollo Architects & Associates

Photo: Masao Nishikawa
via Designboom

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