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Wallpaper's Architects Directory 201127. Jun2011

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Designed by Wallpaper magazine

Each year Wallpaper magazine is doing a remarkable task by selecting a number of world's best emerging young architects and giving them a task to solve. This selection shape up in what is it called Wallpaper's Architect's Directory, published yearly in the Wallpaper Magazine. 
For this year's Architects Directory, 20 selected architects received the task to imagine and design the ultimate rural retreat. The result is 20 countrysite houses, designed to be flexible and functional and also formally and technically innovative.
The only mandatory condition was the need for the homes to contact the ground as less as possible, with minimal changes to the landscape. The resulted house models will be on show the Architecture Foundation in London until 14th July. 

The architect's works are listed below in alphabetical order.
Photography: Daniel Stier

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