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Week’nder house29. Jul2011

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Designed by Lazor Office

The Week’nder is the latest prefab concept from the FlatPak studio.

Designed by Lazor Office, Week’nder is a sustainable prefab house installed on Madeline Island, across Lake Superior, Wisconsin.

It was built off-site to save the waste and especially to reduce environmental effect caused by the construction process. The structure is standing above the ground, supported by several poles thus maintaining the integrity of the existing site.

Sustainable materials like harvested wood framing, permeable gravel in the driveway, pine and plywood materials, etc.  were used in building the eco-friendly house. These materials were used very carefully with the application of no-cut design, minimizing the waste, optimizing the materials’ uses and work.

Metal was also used to provide higher durability, such as steel for siding, galvanized steel roofing, etc.
Ventilation and lighting of the house were solved including extensive glass areas and operable windows to provide optimal day lighting and natural ventilation. With this natural ventilation, no air conditioner is needed. 

Here is a fun story about Week'nder as told by FlatPack: 
"The first Week’nder was installed on beautiful Madeline Island in Lake Superior this past July 2010. It made the ferry journey and upon landing at the terminal, the Week’nder was greeted by the Islanders with great interest and questions such as, “what the hell is that?” We replied, “it’s a modern prefab house concept.” That was met with “oh” and a long silence."

Photos from FlatPack 

via Architecture4us


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