QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Design is an expression of the purpose."
Charles Eames

Young Balkan Designers @ Sofia Design Week02. Aug2011

"'Young Balkan Designers' is an annual regional design competition initiated by Serbian cultural organization Mikser. It is the logical sequel to 'Young Serbian Designers', an earlier project of Mikser realized in 2009 and 2010. Participants in those editions achieved considerable international success and popularity and provoked massive interest on behalf of young designers in the whole region who also wanted to participate in the Mikser project.

'Young Balkan Designers' is the only functional and successful platform for discovering and nurturing young local talent in the field of design. It is also a powerful means of promoting Serbia and the Balkans in global design media and positioning this region on the international design market. The exhibition presents product design from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece and Bulgaria. Among the objects on the display there is a table for one or two, a bookshelf marker to separate the books you have read from those you haven’t and a coat hanger that imitates a road sign and points to the different rooms in the house." - quote from the SDW programme

Photo: Patrick Moraras

See more information about each product on the Mikser festival page. 

Young Balkan Designers exhibition was part of the 2011 Sofia Design Week.

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