QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Design is intelligence made visible."
Don Newgren
Buildings Design and Arhitecture Articles - page 14

Edge house 23. Jul2011

The architects used the slopes of the hill to create a unique S-shape of the house made of... READ MORE >>
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Yo house 19. Jul2011

Yo house is a private house located nearby Kazanawa city in Japan. Completed in 2010 with... READ MORE >>
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ARC house 17. Jul2011

Meet the Arc house, built half into the ground not to avoid the restrictive building codes of the... READ MORE >>
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Shounan house 16. Jul2011

The sharp angles and sci-fi shape of the Shounan house make it a striking presence among... READ MORE >>
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Tree house in Tuscany 15. Jul2011

The Tree house is a long-held dream of a couple. Surrounded by olive, cypress and pines tree,... READ MORE >>
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