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House with eaves and an attic 09. Jun2011

The house was built on the edge of a cliff on the only flat part of the site which measures... READ MORE >>

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Hill Side House 31. May2011

The impressive Hill House, which looks like a diamond stitched to the hill folds, was build in 2004... READ MORE >>
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'House of Slope' 31. May2011

'Slope house' is a single family house with a two-story wooden structure house located in a... READ MORE >>
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'House in Minami Magome' 27. May2011

When you have a tiny site you have to take advantage of evey corner of it so using the Raumplan... READ MORE >>
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Santa Ana & San Joaquín church 27. May2011

The church building is a modern addition to the old church which served the people for 30... READ MORE >>
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