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Henry David Thoreau
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Murcia Levante Park 03. May2011

Built around the idea of a 'museum-park', the Levante Park aims to become one of the major... READ MORE >>
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Holiday House by G2 Estudio 19. Apr2011

The house for two families from Tahiti – French Polynesia was designed by G2 Estudio as a... READ MORE >>
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Holon – Museum of Design 19. Apr2011

Museum of Design Holon is a new educational and cultural center in Israel. Municipal authorities... READ MORE >>
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Aquino House by K+A Diseño 19. Apr2011

This house, located in Cuernavas, Morelos, Mexico, was constructed as a family residence in 2006.... READ MORE >>
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Ferrous House by Johnsen Schmaling Architects 19. Apr2011

The Ferrous House was designed by Johnsen Schmaling Architects and sits in a row of 1970's ranches,... READ MORE >>
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