QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Our perception is visceral. Reason plays a secondary role."
Peter Zumthor
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OPENhouse 08. Jul2012

For the ones who like to travel and to feel "at home", the solution proposed by... READ MORE >>

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House in Tokyo Suburbia 2 05. Apr2012

The house is a private residence built in a suburb of Tokyo on a very small rectangle lot of 57sqm.... READ MORE >>
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House on the Mountainside 29. Mar2012

"The atmosphere in the house changes as you move from floor to floor, the experience being unique... READ MORE >>
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Infinity house 22. Mar2012

Infinity house was the last year winner of the 2010 Think Brick Award held by Think Brick Australia... READ MORE >>
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Light Stage house 08. Mar2012

Light Stage house is the latest project made in 2011 by Future Studio in Hiroshima, Japan.It's a... READ MORE >>
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