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Dennis Conner
Buildings Design and Arhitecture Articles - page 8

School in Cartagena 06. Mar2012

The new Public and Primary School Roldan from Cartagena in Spain, is a creative and out-of-ordinary... READ MORE >>

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SuperAngular: 'Klein Bottle house' 27. Jan2012

Kein Bottle house, located the vicinity of Melbourne city, Australia takes its name from Klein... READ MORE >>
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Cardboard cluster calendar (with gift included) 11. Dec2011

The team from Elledecor, New Zealand, came up with a very nice idea that could be used as a gift... READ MORE >>
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Vista house 05. Dec2011

Apollo Architects & Associates completed their latest house only two monts ago, in October... READ MORE >>
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'Cirkel' collection 03. Dec2011

'Cirkel' is the newest object collection from Daphna Isaacs Burggraaf and Laurens Manders aka Dafne... READ MORE >>
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