QUOTE OF THE DAY: "We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us."
Winston Churchill
Furniture Design Articles - page 12

Work table 002 22. Feb2013

Work Table 002 is a "Grade A pine lumber workspace designed and built based 100% on functionality... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: lumber, wood

CUTLINE furniture collection 21. Feb2013

"SMOOTH PLANE … is passion, SMOOTH PLANE is wood chips, SMOOTH PLANE is high quality... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: wood

BACO sofa 18. Feb2013

"BACO reflects Deco's philosophy, which is based on the use of 100% natural materials, excluding... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: sofa, cushion

SCAR furniture 06. Feb2013

"Scars are forever! The SCAR furniture line stems from an emotional design project that opens our... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: plywood

Old Stories in New Words 30. Jan2013

ThecraftLAB is a team of young Romanian designers and architects who make “design with a... READ MORE >>
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