QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Buildings, too, are children of Earth and Sun."
Frank Lloyd Wright
Furniture Design Articles - page 20

'Soft & Creamy' chair 12. Sep2012

"This version of the Soft & Creamy chair aims to reveal the beautiful work, that usually ends... READ MORE >>
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CANDY table collection 09. Sep2012

"The CANDY collection exploits the potential of steel reinforcement bars normally used for concrete... READ MORE >>
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SmartDeco's Cardboard furniture range 05. Sep2012

Smartdeco is a small american company which produces cardboard furniture. Cardboard makes the... READ MORE >>
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BAHIR sofa and armchair 02. Sep2012

Designed by Jörg Boner, "Bahir is the sofa for the relaxed moments in life. A place where you... READ MORE >>
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'Engineering Temporality' furniture collection 25. Aug2012

Tuomas Markunpoika Tolvanen is a Design Academy Eindhoven graduate. His graduation project  is... READ MORE >>
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