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Furniture Design Articles - page 22

'Palos' office desk 28. Jul2012

An interesting take on the offce desk matters. Using metal wireframe the desk becomes ethereal,... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: wire, metal

'Purist' chair 27. Jul2012

"Experimentation with gravity joints. The chair is made of four wooden bars, plywood panel, two... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: string, wood

'Maisonnette' furniture collection 25. Jul2012

Need to furnish your house but you live in a small appartment? Maisonnette is the solution if you... READ MORE >>
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Experimental seating furniture - a graduation project 23. Jul2012

A very interesting idea come today from Tamás Bozsik. In his graduation project he propose... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: seat, chair, couch

VALERIE stool 21. Jul2012

VALERIE stool is a spin-off of the VALERIE chair. The structure is made entirely of curved wood in... READ MORE >>
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