QUOTE OF THE DAY: "The artist in me cries out for design."
Robert Frost
Furniture Design Articles - page 23

CAIXA cabinet with speakers 20. Jul2012

CAIXA is a cabinet with integrated speakers and sound system that can connect altogether your TV,... READ MORE >>

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the 'Catwalkers' 19. Jul2012

These unique-look seats and tables will make any room special and unique. Their particular... READ MORE >>
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Eyrie chair 17. Jul2012

"The nest of a bird is an inventive piece of natural architecture. As a designer, who works a lot... READ MORE >>
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Pi & Up sidetables 09. Jul2012

Pi & Up sidetables, the newest design from Marc van der voorn, is presented by Odesi, a virtual... READ MORE >>
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Shoes Books and a Bike 06. Jul2012

Designer Thomas Walde from POSTFOSSIL design group created this special design for the bike fans.... READ MORE >>
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