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George Gilder
Furniture Design Articles - page 27

'100 Chair' collection 28. May2012

Marni, the Italian fashion house designer is entering the furniture business with a line of chairs.... READ MORE >>

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'Thread Family' 25. May2012

Thread family is a set of small adaptable furnishings featuring a thread and a seat lathed from... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: stool, table, chair

OTTOMAN furniture collection 20. May2012

Ottoman collection, a series of three furniture objects inspired from Ottoman empire and adapted to... READ MORE >>
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SECRETO coffee table 20. May2012

"Originates from the idea of transforming the Traditional coffee table book, usually covered by all... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: table, wood, mdf, oak

GRADO° collection 18. May2012

Ron Gilad’s new collection of furnishings, Grado°, underlines the designer’s... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: wood, metal, glass