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Frank Lloyd Wright
Furniture Design Articles - page 28

Longboard stool 09. May2012

'Never stop playing' seems to say this stool. You could think that this is a stool created by a... READ MORE >>
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"Triz In" stools 08. May2012

A series of stools that are built by the principle of a splitting wedge. The bendy seat is the... READ MORE >>
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Rocking Stool 07. May2012

"The rocking stool comes with an elegant and simple shape, created out of one line metal wire. The... READ MORE >>
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The Collectors cupboards 06. May2012

"For this furniture range, Folkform invited collectors to take part in the design process. Each... READ MORE >>
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'Profile' chair 04. May2012

'Profile' is a chair created by Canadian designers D Calen Knauf and Conrad Brown, The chair... READ MORE >>
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