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Furniture Design Articles - page 31

Paul & Paula 29. Apr2012

Paul and Paula tables were designed by Matthias Ferwagner for Nils Holger Moorman in 2012. Matthias... READ MORE >>
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CLAUDIO chair 28. Apr2012

The starting point of Claudio chair’s design is the arch as element and its repetition. The... READ MORE >>
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Drizzle shelves 26. Apr2012

"Just like the light rain whose fall the word “drizzle” signifies, the support system... READ MORE >>
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Rubber table 25. Apr2012

"The drain or plunger is an item, which, though it receives little attention, is actually extremely... READ MORE >>
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'Rabbit' chair 25. Apr2012

"What if a rabbit is jumping around in stiff and stark space? The place will be full of vigor. The... READ MORE >>
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