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Furniture Design Articles - page 42

Sutoa drawer 03. Nov2011

Sutoa drawer (sutoa means "to store" in Japanese) is a piece of furniture that can be easily... READ MORE >>

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The Endless table 01. Nov2011

The Endless table is composed of handmade renewable pine wood cubes held up by tepa wooden pegs.... READ MORE >>
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Slight Rocker stool 31. Oct2011

"The Slight Rocker is a round, rocking, stackable stool. It was created as part of my degree... READ MORE >>
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"Stitched" chair 29. Oct2011

"Furniture has been primarily made from wood, and now it is often made of plastics. Solid, sturdy... READ MORE >>
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Copenhagen table 25. Oct2011

"The [Copenhagen] underground scheme was taken as a basis for the module. By applying a... READ MORE >>
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