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Salvador Dali
Furniture Design Articles - page 49

Hörnstol 14. Aug2011

Hörnstol is a unique chair designed by Anton Björsig. It's a chair that turns around the... READ MORE >>
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'Mr.Smith the Second' chair 13. Aug2011

Designed to stand out among other chairs in your living room, Mr.Smith the Second is a true... READ MORE >>
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'Scene' furniture range 24. Jul2011

Scene furniture range is composed from sideboard and/or shelf units. It's a flexible furniture... READ MORE >>
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Paper Tube chair / Interlux chair 21. Jul2011

Using already existing objects from the market to create new objects with new functionality is... READ MORE >>
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An Furniture 20. Jul2011

Another fine example of a multifunctional piece of furniture, ideal for small apartments. A... READ MORE >>
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