QUOTE OF THE DAY: "There is only one valuable thing in art: the thing you cannot explain."
Georges Braque
Furniture Design Articles - page 50

Recycling Chair-Sofa system 18. Jul2011

"The couch and armchair are made out of recycled foam, the natural and colorful shape comes from... READ MORE >>

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'Greca' chair 12. Jul2011

Industrial designer Fabio Santamaria designed 'Greca' chair, a geometric chair with simple, clean... READ MORE >>
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curt | deck chair 09. Jul2011

"This deck chair is attractive in its simplicity. In combination with the environment it serve its... READ MORE >>
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'Staircase' shelves 08. Jul2011

 "The most efficient way to build is vertically. Building vertically saves space as it uses... READ MORE >>
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'From a Lost City' hybrid furniture 07. Jul2011

"Inspired by the Shanty towns* around South America, from las ciudades perdidas in Mexico city to... READ MORE >>
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