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Furniture Design Articles - page 52

'Adna' chaise 28. Jun2011

Designed by David Weeks for Matter, 'Adna' chaise is a homage to the classic wooden roller coaster... READ MORE >>
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Freestanding Mirror/ Storage 24. Jun2011

Designed as one object, the free standing mirror and storage space is in fact an object with two... READ MORE >>
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Bambi table 24. Jun2011

'Bambi' table is an adjustable two-height table with legs that fold back underneath the table... READ MORE >>
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'Époque' chair 21. Jun2011

Created by Dutch designer Wybren van Keulen from Etwelve, 'Époque' is a single shell chair... READ MORE >>
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'Jekate' chair 17. Jun2011

Raymond is a young designer who believes that everything that we see and touch is designed with the... READ MORE >>
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