QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Architecture is the art of how to waste space."
Philip Johnson
Furniture Design Articles - page 53

DEX Desk 16. Jun2011

Rotterdam-based architect and designer, who creates each year a new and surprising object comes in... READ MORE >>

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TAGS: desk, colour, wood

'Nest' chair 15. Jun2011

A piece of nature in your home, that's how you should consider the 'Nest' chair. Its array of bent... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: chair, nature, wood

tABLE 15. Jun2011

"tABLE is capABLE, it’s openABLE, accosTABLE, movABLE, stackABLE, stretchABLE, enlargeABLE,... READ MORE >>
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'Emma' sitting object 11. Jun2011

'Emma' is a furniture object which is neither a chair nor a table. Its purpose is to make a chair... READ MORE >>
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OFFICE + RETROFIT office furniture collection 10. Jun2011

Why office furniture should not have a second life? When your office wants to discard the old... READ MORE >>
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