QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Design is an expression of the purpose."
Charles Eames
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Mundvoll café 12. Apr2012

"Mundvoll is a café and grocery store which aims to bring back the concept of the small... READ MORE >>
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Musical Instruments. From the inside. 16. Mar2012

Photographer Bjoern Ewers directed this creative advertising campaign for the Berlin Philharmonic... READ MORE >>
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Matsumoto pediatric dental clinic 28. Dec2011

Opened in Tokyo this year in August, Matsumoto pediatric dental clinic has an unique design to... READ MORE >>
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Wood vases 29. Nov2011

Wood vases is part of the experiment called The Iceland Project. The purpose of this project is to... READ MORE >>
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House in Hieidaira 08. Nov2011

The residence is located at the foot of Mt. Hiei near the border of Kyoto and Shiga. The client is... READ MORE >>
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