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Object Design Articles - page 17

W131 Lamp Collection 07. Feb2013

Swedish designers Claesson Koivisto Rune used sand-cast recycled aluminium to create these small... READ MORE >>
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FFAST trophy 23. Jan2013

This is the design of the trophy that will be handed over to the winners of FFAST, the... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: aluminum

Plywood Sled 22. Jan2013

Freshly made out of plywood, the sled weighs no more than 3 kg and in case that your kid does not... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: plywood, sled, kids

BLADE RUNNER limited-edition hard drive. 11. Jan2013

We could not resist to present another technology gadget with great design, this time a creation of... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: aluminum, LED

"Surfing with the sand between my toes" 10. Jan2013

Who is dreaming to work (from home) but at the same being on a holiday can actually do this now.... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: sand, office, desk, chair