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Object Design Articles - page 20

'Branch' handle for umbrella 22. Oct2012

3D printed objects become more and more part of our life, be it printed at home or in limited... READ MORE >>

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TILT shelf 13. Oct2012

"A beautifully detailed timber ladder designed to store and display objects. Alone, it can be used... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: stair, shelf, wood

LAST - animal toys 06. Oct2012

LAST wooden animals toys are for children, but adults should take a moment to reflect the alternate... READ MORE >>
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'Kurk' desk light 23. Aug2012

"Kurk is a flat pack desk light that requires no screws or glues to assemble. Focusing on the life... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: light, cork, steel

'For Your Eyes Only' mirror 19. Aug2012

"As the name suggests -ForYour Eyes Only- is a fine horizontal mirror at eye level. The slight... READ MORE >>
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