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Object Design Articles - page 26

Monster Skin Rug 08. Mar2012

"The work is a result of my formal training as an Industrial Designer at Pratt Institute, obsession... READ MORE >>

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TAGS: carpet, rug

FRABJOUS puzzle/sculpture 02. Mar2012

Frabjous is the first of a new kind of puzzle, based on an original sculpture by mathematician... READ MORE >>
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SWING CAR 26. Feb2012

Designed by Hans Brockhage under supervision of Mart Stam in Germany 1950, this hybrid object is an... READ MORE >>
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HAZARD storage units 19. Feb2012

Hazard is an installation of storage units: a bench, a shelf and two shelves, which can be arranged... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: bench, shelf

FRAGMENTED - version 02 14. Feb2012

Taken a bit further, the Fragmented series has been upgraded with seating modules and stacking... READ MORE >>
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