QUOTE OF THE DAY: "The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success."
Bruce Feirstein
Object Design Articles - page 35

Stitching concrete 10. Aug2011

Stitching concrete is a project by using the new material Concrete Canvas. Concrete Canvas... READ MORE >>

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Read-Unread shelf 08. Aug2011

'Read-Unread' is a concept piece that goes beyond the notion of a bookshelf. It's not a simple... READ MORE >>
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PYLONES, éditeur d’objets à Paris 08. Aug2011

PYLONES enterprise, which call themselves “éditeur d’objets à... READ MORE >>
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'Precious' bathroom mirror 07. Aug2011

Too much jewelry and fashion accessories can kill you. More precisely, can kill your precious time... READ MORE >>
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'POSATE' trivet 06. Aug2011

Posate is a decorative trivet made of laser cut & folded steel sheet with a pattern of cutlery. READ MORE >>
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