QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Design is an expression of the purpose."
Charles Eames
Object Design Articles - page 37

Funky shape Pillboxes 28. Jul2011

Funny shape pillboxes announce the end of your medicine bottles cluttered on your table. As you get... READ MORE >>
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'Bias of Thoughts' bookshelf 27. Jul2011

Bias of Thought is the new illusionary object designed by John Leung for ClarkeHopkinsClarke... READ MORE >>
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Plastic bottle roof shade 26. Jul2011

South African designer Heath Nash was invited to produce a public light installation with local... READ MORE >>
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'Other people's rubbish' 26. Jul2011

Here is the Heath Nash's collection of objects "Other people's rubbish" made of found recycled... READ MORE >>
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Variations on a Tube 25. Jul2011

Although the exposition of Tomás Alonso was in 2009, his objects are still fresh and... READ MORE >>
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