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Redo-me! 18. Jun2011

redo-me® is the result of a precise and innovative design that has resulted in a response to an... READ MORE >>

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'Rubber stool' 18. Jun2011

This stool is made entirely of recycled rubber. Beside this, it is made of one piece of rubber... READ MORE >>
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'Cohetes' candleholders 16. Jun2011

'Cochetes' is a set of three ceramic handmade and hand-painted candleholders prototypes which draw... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: ceramic

'Pastel' low chairs 14. Jun2011

'Pastel' is a collection of low chairs designed by the young Serbian artist Jovana Bogdanovic.For... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: chiar, stool, low, seat

'Tick' clip 12. Jun2011

A universal object that can play an important role when creating a table, a bench, a stool, a... READ MORE >>
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