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Product Design Studio Graduates 2011 09. Jun2011

Academy of Fine Arts from Bratislava, Slovakia presents the annual exhibition showing the works of... READ MORE >>

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'Rocking' lamp 08. Jun2011

'Rocking Lamp', creation of the London based studio Young & Battaglia for Mineheart is a lamp... READ MORE >>
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'You Are Here' jewelry collection 08. Jun2011

'You Are Here' is a jewelry collection inspired from big cities plans from all over the... READ MORE >>
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'Osux' lamp family 05. Jun2011

A creation of Roman Bianco. one of the fourth members of Barcelona design studio Creative Affairs,... READ MORE >>
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'Balloon' bench 05. Jun2011

The 'Baloon' bench was visually inspired by the feeling of floating that the main character felt in... READ MORE >>
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