QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Our perception is visceral. Reason plays a secondary role."
Peter Zumthor

'Platonic' rugs 15. Aug2011

"The platonic rugs collection was born from the continuity of my path as a product designer. This... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: rug, color
Designed by Luís Porém

Hörnstol 14. Aug2011

Hörnstol is a unique chair designed by Anton Björsig. It's a chair that turns around the... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: chair
Designed by Anton Björsig

'Mr.Smith the Second' chair 13. Aug2011

Designed to stand out among other chairs in your living room, Mr.Smith the Second is a true... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: chair, color
Designed by Anthony Hartley

PANEL multipurpose object 12. Aug2011

A new object that will stir sensation among the ones who love multifunctional objects. PANEL is an... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: table, shelf, hanger
Designed by Yi Kong Lu

Moody bag 11. Aug2011

Moody Bag is the latest member of the Moody family following the Moody Couch and Moody Nest created... READ MORE >>
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