QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Beautiful Evidence is about the theory and practice of analytical design."
Edward Tufte

Shelframe 01. Jul2011

"Shelframe is a shelving system that suspends from a single point. The shelves are designed to... READ MORE >>

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Standard House 30. Jun2011

Designed in 2007 and completed in 2010 after three years of construction, Standard house is located... READ MORE >>
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Solo House 30. Jun2011

Solo Houses offers innovative second homes, designed as small collections of a dozen houses, living... READ MORE >>
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Bussum villa 30. Jun2011

Completed in 2009 for a private client after one year of construction and a previous year of... READ MORE >>
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Designed by Group A

pageCUES 29. Jun2011

I am sure you desired for a long time to have nice, themed and colorful page cues for your... READ MORE >>
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