QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Architecture is the art of how to waste space."
Philip Johnson

'Button' chair 29. Jun2011

"This Chair is inspired from the clothe's button, which we wear it everyday. The Chair's Back and... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: chair, fabric, wood
Designed by Sanil Choi

'Adna' chaise 28. Jun2011

Designed by David Weeks for Matter, 'Adna' chaise is a homage to the classic wooden roller coaster... READ MORE >>
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Wallpaper's Architects Directory 2011 27. Jun2011

Each year Wallpaper magazine is doing a remarkable task by selecting a number of world's best... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: house, model
Designed by Wallpaper magazine

Pelo House 26. Jun2011

Pelo house gets the name from the word 'pelo' which is a mimetic word for peeling something. via... READ MORE >>
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House in Fuji 25. Jun2011

The House in Fuji built by Level Architects in Fuji city is a single family residence consisting of... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: house, concrete
Designed by Level Architects