QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Buildings, too, are children of Earth and Sun."
Frank Lloyd Wright

'Rubber stool' 18. Jun2011

This stool is made entirely of recycled rubber. Beside this, it is made of one piece of rubber... READ MORE >>

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TAGS: rubber, stool, recycle
Designed by h220430 Studio

Gauthier-Furetta House 17. Jun2011

Photos: Yves André The project articulates the space based on two simple typologies. The... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: concrete, open

'Jekate' chair 17. Jun2011

Raymond is a young designer who believes that everything that we see and touch is designed with the... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: rattan

'Cohetes' candleholders 16. Jun2011

'Cochetes' is a set of three ceramic handmade and hand-painted candleholders prototypes which draw... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: ceramic
Designed by Moises Hernandez

DEX Desk 16. Jun2011

Rotterdam-based architect and designer, who creates each year a new and surprising object comes in... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: desk, colour, wood
Designed by Reinier de Jong