QUOTE OF THE DAY: "To design is to communicate clearly by whatever means you can control or master."
Milton Glaser

'Constantin' lighting family 29. May2011

Chandelier, table and floor lamp all are all parts of 'Constantin', the new lighting family... READ MORE >>

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'Turn In' chair 28. May2011

The idea of creating a foldable chair has been tackled by the Viktor Alexander Kolbig + Tojan... READ MORE >>
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'Triplette' chair 28. May2011

'Triplette' chair can be defined more as a "nesting chair" than a "stackable chair"Practically, the... READ MORE >>
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Designed by Paul Menand

'House in Minami Magome' 27. May2011

When you have a tiny site you have to take advantage of evey corner of it so using the Raumplan... READ MORE >>
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Santa Ana & San Joaquín church 27. May2011

The church building is a modern addition to the old church which served the people for 30... READ MORE >>
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Designed by RGRM Architects