QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Color does not add a pleasant quality to design - it reinforces it."
Pierre Bonnard

No Picnic offices 19. May2011

"No Picnic is one of the world’s largest design consultants, covering industrial design,... READ MORE >>

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Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts 19. May2011

Set to open in September 2011 in Kansas City, Missouri, the Kaufmann Center for the Performing Arts... READ MORE >>
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'Inception' chair 18. May2011

'Taking the chair archetype and placing within it chairs that are progressively smaller. Each... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: chair, wood, nesting
Designed by Vivian Chiu

Linear House 18. May2011

Located in Portsea, Australia, Linear House was completed in 2010 by the Architects Eat Studio.... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: house
Designed by Architects EAT

St. Mary’s Kinglake church 17. May2011

Located in a rural area affected by bush fires, St .Mary's Kinglake is a catholic church built as a... READ MORE >>
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