QUOTE OF THE DAY: "An expert is a man who has stopped thinking - he knows!"
Frank Lloyd Wright

Lake and Reservoirs 19. Apr2011

The simple photographing natural features Matthew Brandt is too simple. For his series "Lakes and... READ MORE >>

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House in Kyoto 19. Apr2011

Faceted wooden panels divide the interior of this house in Kyoto, Japan, by ALPHAville architects... READ MORE >>
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Jamie Norton's apartment by Atmos Studio 19. Apr2011

A small and cramped North London apartment is converted into a roomy modern space by Alex Haw of... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: apartment, space, white
Designed by Atmos Studio

Light Bulbs (Special Editions) 19. Apr2011

At this year's Paris Art Gallery presented Art Affairs in Amsterdam, the latest "Design Virus"... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: light
Designed by Pieke Bergmans

Santa Filomena Chapel 19. Apr2011

In 2008 spiritual modernity opened its doors in Portugal's Figueira da Foz. The chapel 'Capela de... READ MORE >>
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