QUOTE OF THE DAY: "I like the body. I like to design everything to do with the body."
Gianni Versace

PARKER shelf 12. Jan2013

Here is the PARKER shelf who features an original and surprising solution which led to a shelf with... READ MORE >>

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BLADE RUNNER limited-edition hard drive. 11. Jan2013

We could not resist to present another technology gadget with great design, this time a creation of... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: aluminum, LED
Designed by Philippe Stark

"Surfing with the sand between my toes" 10. Jan2013

Who is dreaming to work (from home) but at the same being on a holiday can actually do this now.... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: sand, office, desk, chair
Designed by Justin Kemp

S9 UHD TV 10. Jan2013

Usually we do not feature technolgy gadgets or gimmicks but that's what creates the exception isn't... READ MORE >>
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"Street Stone" project 07. Jan2013

French photographer Leo Caillard teamed up with digital illustrator Alexis Persani to transform... READ MORE >>
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TAGS: statues, marble
Designed by Leo Caillard